EURESIS is a no-profit association of people professionally involved in different branches of science, technology and scientific education in Universities, in hi-tech companies and in research institutions.

The aim of EURESIS is to offer information and insight on crucial topics of science and technology by promoting exhibits, public events, interdisciplinary debates and workshops. The association cooperates with cultural centres, universities, museums and schools. Euresis, originally based in Italy, has now spread to other countries, including the United States and Spain.

EURESIS initiatives are designed to present state-of-the-art fundamental results of science and technology and to highlight the original value of scientific knowledge to a vast public. EURESIS’ vision is that (i) scientific research cannot be isolated from the broader context of human knowledge and inquiry (ii) contents and methods of science must be accessible to the whole society, and (iii) science should be communicated without withholding the cultural implications that theories and discoveries have on the current understanding of nature and of humanity.

In all its initiatives, EURESIS seeks at engaging the general public in both the wander and curiosity about nature and in the challenges that science and technology constantly delivers to humanity.