Euresis Journal

Euresis Journal is a multidisciplinary, online, open-access journal edited by the Euresis Association under the auspices of the CEUR Foundation. The main scope of the Journal is to promote, at the academic level, an understanding of science as a fully human pursuit, rooted into the universal human quest for beauty and meaning. The trans-disciplinary vocation of the journal directly stems from the ubiquity of such human aims in all branches of scientific and nonscientific research and knowledge. It also stems from the wish to provide an opportunity to share with the largest number of people the experience of the conferences and workshops that are part of the activities of the Euresis Association. Read More

Editorial Info - Euresis Journal is edited and run by an Editorial Board including members of Euresis Scientific Committee. The Editorial Board, with the help of external experts, reviews all manuscripts. In addition, an Advisory Board oversees the development of the journal to ensure its quality and consistency. Read More