2008 -

University of San Marino, Ancient Monastery of Santa Chiara
August 29-31, 2008

An international Symposium organized in collaboration with the Templeton Foundation and in connection with the XXIX edition of Meeting for Friendship Amongst Peoples

Good science is universal, true and verifiable for every culture, belief or psychological state. In science, subjectivity seems to be stripped away from scientists' work. The personal lives of those carrying out scientific research seem irrelevant because they are set aside in the process and appear to leave no trace in their results.

On the other hand, there is little doubt that most great scientists perceive their work as a deeply creative and personal pursuit, springing from their specific personal, historical, and cultural religious backgrounds. Science is undeniably part of a human adventure involving affective energy, aesthetics and personal belief. "The emotional state which enables such [scientific] achievements is similar to that of the religious person or the person in love; the daily pursuit does not originate form a design or program but from a direct need." (Albert Einstein) Read More

Invited closed-doors symposium, restricted to participants.

Sessions outline
The above topic will be addressed in three sessions, each involving three outstanding thinkers from both science and humanities.

The proceedings have been published on Euresis Journal.

1st session - The nature of biological evolution

2nd session - The emergence of humans

3rd session - Being humans: between finiteness and infinity

Tommaso Bellini, Department of medical biotechnology and translational medicine, University of Milano
Marco Bersanelli
, Physics Department, University of Milano
Charles Harper
, John Templeton Foundation Vice President
Giorgio Petroni,
University of San Marino
Elio Sindoni, CEUR Foundation

Marco Aluigi, Meeting for Friendship Amongst Peoples
Tonino Ceccoli,
Euresis Association
H. Choi, John Templeton Foundation
Donatella Pifferetti,
Euresis Association
Nicola Sabatini
, Euresis Association

A few photos of the Symposium are available (Courtesy of Franco Bottoni).
Editorial (by Giorgio Dieci)

Charles L. Harper, John Templeton Foundation Vice President
Marco Bersanelli, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Physics Department, University of Milano
John Wood, Principal of the Faculty of Engineering, Imperial College