Science, Reason e Truth

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The International Symposium “Science Reason and Truth”will be the second edition of the “San Marino Symposium”, following the successful 2006 Edition. As for last year, the invitation-only 2007 San Marino Symposium will be related with the great “Rimini Meeting for Friendship of Peoples”, which takes place every summer since 1980 in the nearby town of Rimini. This year, the Rimini Meeting theme will be: “Truth is the destiny for which we were made”. The San Marino Symposium will bring the general theme of the Rimini Meeting to the academic level with a coordinated and focused discussion involving a limited number (about 12) world class scholars. The Invited Speakers will work together and discuss key interdisciplinary issues such as the capacity to attain truth, the relationship between scientific enquiry and other methods for reaching truth, and the boundaries of human reason. The set of presentations and discussions will be divided in three sessions, focussed on the three key words of the Symposium title (“science”, “reason”, “truth”), each specified by a set of topical questions.Convener: Charles L. Harper (JTF)

Marco Bersanelli (Co-Chair)
Linda Zagzebski (Co-Chair)
Enrico Bombieri
Xavier Le Pichon
Eleonore Stump
Nancy Cartwright
Peter E.Hodgson
Harvey M. Friedman
David L. Schindler
Peter van Inwagen
Keith Ward
Paul Davies